A New Face to Reflect The New Team

by | Jan 3, 2017


Since taking on the management of the business four years ago, we’ve been pushing on into new markets aiming to be the best in our sector, and securing a class leading level of accreditations.

We realised that we needed a new modern fresh look to our business. We called the great guys at DE22 marketing to come up with something relevant. Starting with a very good update to our logo and branding, now delivered on this new website, our PPE, the service fleet and as we move forward across all our marketing and client-facing documentation, we now have a brand that reflects who we are and where we are going. Well done DE22.


Safety and sustainability.

We are committed to the safety of our staff and the sustainability of our project delivery methods.


We will work with integrity and honesty.


We will work in an open and flexible way sharing information.


We aspire to lead the market and provide exceptional service.


We will embrace innovation in our solutions.