Ivory Street Tunnel

by | Aug 2, 2017



Ivory Street Tunnel is a short underpass located just outside the Central Buisness District of Brisbane Australia near the northern end of the Story Bridge.

PDS and TRT (Thorlux Road and Tunnel Lighting) were employed by Thorlux Australia and Brisbane City Council to provide a new dimmable LED lighting soloution controlled by a high availablity automatic and adaptive Lighting Control System. AusAir Electrical were employed by Brisbane City Council as the installers. The installation works took place in May 2017. Commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing was undertaken by PDS and TRT from the 12th to 16th June.

The Tunnel is a bi-directional single bore split into two carrige ways by a raised curb and concrete barrier. It is just under 200 metres long and is split into covered and partially covered sections. A local plant room houses the Electrical Switch Gear, two non-functional shaft ventilation fans, associated control gear and fire detection systems. The plant room has good 3/4G coverage and can be accessed both from the tunnel and the centre of a roundabout above the Northern Portal.

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