Lyke Wake Walk – Mission Accomplished!

by | Jun 4, 2019

for better mental health

11 employees, 40 miles, 15 hours, 82500 steps, and £3400 raised for MIND!

I am delighted to report that the whole team achieved the walk with some terrific personal courage displayed by a number to get to the end in spite of problems picked up along the way, and / or with significant increases on previous “personal best” distances achieved.

Setting out 0:15am on Saturday 18th in the dark from Osmotherley the low cloud canned any ideas of walking in the moonlight, and kitted out in full waterproofs and head torches the walk commenced. Some 40 miles, 82,500 steps and 15 hours later we had walked the Yorkshire moors at their widest part as we finished mid-afternoon the same day in Ravenscar. It was indeed a challenge, and took in some interesting parts of the moors, but having done it we all feel fitter, stronger, and more capable to face the world.

We must give thanks to family, friends, colleagues, and local community who helped us raise funds for MIND during mental health week.

A good job well done.

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