Commercially Successful

We understand that projects have to be delivered on time, in budget and to quality standards and we have class and market leading accreditations in place across all our business.


Our commitment is to bring value and do so safely and sustainably, aware of our impact on the environment and society.

We go beyond those time cost and quality objectives, ensuring that “through-life” implications are considered in design and that on “go live” we can help optimize the installation for operation and energy consumption.

We can provide connectivity to asset management and fault reporting systems. We can help you publish and connect the status of your asset to the local community, and we can help you make best use of ALL the data in your infrastructure, “Big Data” for a future-proof installation!

A supported approach.

At PDS our philosophy is to support you from the initial concept through all stages of a project, and to be able to continue that support through asset life, servicing every aspect of your needs from our own team or with our partner companies.

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