CASE STUDY: National grid

“The provision of ventilation control and monitoring systems essential for long distance power delivery under London, and the subsequent long term Post Delivery Support Agreement”


A project to design, supply and commissioning of new SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for National Grid “London Power Tunnels” project. PDS’ role is to control and monitor a variety of sub-systems from 12 head house locations across north London. The sub systems being Ventilation, Gas Detection, Radio, Drainage and a Fire Detection System.
“PDS delivered the SCADA system on the National Grid London Power Tunnels Project, through the M&E Contractor VVB Engineering Ltd. Through a fully coordinated approach, VVB and PDS delivered the SCADA and M&E Systems to budget and ahead of program.” John Johnson TMIET, VVB Commissioning Manager

We have provided SCADA / Control & Monitoring Systems to National Grid specifications enabling the provision of ventilation control and systems monitoring for several cable tunnels built under London.
Our role is to monitor the status of equipment installed in the cable tunnels, including the shafts, head houses and substations. The systems provide automatic and manual control, switching and alarm functions for the ventilation and associated equipment, and are based on a high availability, hot standby / dual server configuration.

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