We started life providing tunnel SCADA solutions in 1988, and are today recognised as one of the leading providers of tunnel systems and solutions in the industry with a reference list that includes many strategic and well known projects.


Since launch, we have increased our knowledge and we now provide and maintain almost every system used in a road tunnel project, and we can provide fully integrated systems from control room to field sensor device, together with specialist sub systems, and our support stretches from concept to end of life.

We will integrate with you and share your goals. This can start with us being part of your design team, we can support your proposal generation and subsequent design, build, install, test. We can train your operators, and help you maintain the solution through life and extended life with refurbishments and upgrades as necessary, and on into obsolescence management, indeed every step of the way. We understand the complexities of working in a live environment while maintaining operation.

A supported approach.

At PDS our philosophy is to support you from the initial concept through all stages of a project, and to be able to continue that support through asset life, servicing every aspect of your needs from our own team or with our partner companies.

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