Detection System Solutions

Our Detection System Solutions include Video and RADAR solutions. Adding to ANPR, VAID, and speed detection solutions, thermal cameras now offer benefits in low light / no light conditions.


Providing accurate and reliable vehicle tracking and Automatic Incident Detection (AID) for roads, bridges and tunnels. The ‘Smart Highways’ concept, enables improved traffic flow and enhanced safety through the effective use of technology.

RADAR is an important component for Smart Highways and site perimeter security with its accurate detection of physical objects.

PDS is the first company to be trained in deploying Navtech RADAR systems with trials on the M62 and M25, and the first tunnel RADAR AID system in the Hindhead tunnel.

A supported approach.

At PDS our philosophy is to support you from the initial concept through all stages of a project, and to be able to continue that support through asset life, servicing every aspect of your needs from our own team or with our partner companies.

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